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Dorthory The Organizer



It’s a brand new year and many of us may be experiencing resistance to our New Year’s resolutions already. Suddenly, we begin to avoid the very thing we thought we wanted to change, organize or begin!

Why does this occur?

Human nature. We are conditioned to stay in our patterns and when confronted with changing the pattern, it causes “upset” to our routine and personal comfort (even if it is good and even it is only temporary).

I’m here to help you re-organize your patterns and would like to ask that you take a deep breath in and allow yourself to be open to some new ideas and goals. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What small (or large) goal would I like to create for myself in terms of:

• Health
• Recreation
• Relationships
• Home & Car
• Finances
• Career

Take a moment to jot down a thought or two next to each category and then (are you ready?) consider using a mobile app or your Digital LifeCloud account to fulfill on that goal. Creating a digital goal adds a twist to your intention because it inspires learning and keeps you in the game a little longer (which helps in creating a new habit)! Either try on this idea or see what the rest of our Digital LifeCloud team has for suggestions.

Good luck and here’s to a remarkable year ahead!

“Dorothy The Organizer” is America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Expert on the Emmy-nominated A&E TV series “Hoarders,” Dorothy is also the best-selling author, sought-after speaker and media personality: Today Show, Dr. Phil Show, The VIEW, The Doctors, PBS.




OK. So I have everything digital in my life … photos, driver license, tax returns, medical records, banking, investments, insurance, and even where I am to be buried (TMI – I know). So what could I have as My Digital Goal?

Believe it or not My Digital Goal is to use technology for my mind, body and spirit.

Like everyone, I am not getting younger. I have the normal challenges of weight control, exercise and keeping stress to a healthy level. And guess what … there are APPs for that AND you probably already possess the technology to access them. I know they exist but My Digital Goal for 2017 is to actually use them.

If you share my goal, here are some APPs to look into. Some are free and other cost a few dollars. If you have a smart phone, tablet, Apple Watch, FitBit, computer, or similar device, you already have access to these APPs.


For Your Mind

There are APPs that remind you to do a breathing exercise, stand up if you have been sitting too long or run you through brain training exercises (Lumosity, Peak, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer and Cognit). You also can try one or two of the numerous relaxation and meditation APPs, such as Ananda , Mindfulness, or Essence.


For Your Body

Most “smart” devices have built in health monitoring APPs that let you know how many steps you take a day (10,000 is recommended), your heart rate, standing hours, resting energy (in terms of calories), activity energy and minutes of exercise.

By just looking at these APPs a few times a day you can see how a small amount of behavior modification can translate into significant improvements in your physical health.


For Your Spirit

There are so many APPs available that can send you messages (called push notifications) that will lift your spirit and motivate you. We all need a little pick-me-up every now and again.

APPS such as Motivate, Inspirational & Motivational Quotes;Achieve Today provide your daily dose of motivation and inspirational messages.

Bob Hammer is a “road warrior” in his professional life. All too often, his job requires him to remotely run his personal/family life. Bob has been an avid user of Digital LifeCloud for over 9 years.

Debby Facebook pic

Debby Bitticks, Intergenerational Expert/Author


Happy 2017! My Digital Goal is to enjoy digital power and freedom! I am making 2017 the year that I get everything that is important to me into the cloud. I will be celebrating in 2018 that my digital world is organized with 24/7 access.

InBox fixed-1

I have a basket on my desk that contains each week’s “paper” for upload. I schedule 15 minutes each week to do this, just like I would for marketing, personal errands, grooming, and other activities. Scheduling it on my calendar means I am ALWAYS making progress.


Another Digital Goal is to be able to keep all the awesome pictures, videos and letters from my grandchildren organized in the cloud. A great example was the excitement I felt when my grandson Eli sent me his first college acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music, in addition to the music he composed as part of the application process. Instead of that special letter sitting in a pile of paper, it is already in my Digital LifeCloud account, along with his special piece he composed as part of his admission requirement. Then of course I have other files, yep – I have a file for each grandchild!

I feel empowered knowing that our family story, family history, pictures, videos, and music are living on to pass on to future generations. And yes, all in one digital place.

Medical Records-6

It’s also comforting to know I “OWN” all my medical records in ONE secure place.

Of course with the emergency information, financial and insurance, privately and securely in Digital LifeCloud, I feel even more freedom and sense of control.

Debby Bitticks is a nationally recognized award-winning author and
Inter-generational expert, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, and QVC, and wrote and hosted a PBS TV special.




Although staying organized digitally is an on-going goal of mine (which my Digital LifeCloud account has helped with enormously), for this newsletter, My Digital Goal will focus on parenting EMPATHY within our digital space.


In my day as a kid, communications were in person, over the phone or writing a note to a friend. As a parent raising a “tween” and “teen” – the digital world continues to create more complexities than ever. Kids’ brains are not equipped to handle all they have access to these days, which means we must work harder to teach. Plus, unfortunately many adults who we expect to be role models engage in reprehensible behavior which complicates this process.


EMPATHY (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) can be taught. Clearly, an adult being a positive role model is critically important. However, there are other approaches parents can take to teach empathy. As I’ve mentioned before, is a fantastic site to enhance “digital citizenship.”

Below is taken directly from which offers ideas to help expand the conversation and teachings via the digital world to promote empathy.

Movies, TV, and Books:

• Seek out books with diverse characters and backgrounds.
• Encourage kids to express their feelings after watching TV shows and movies.
• Encourage siblings to respect each other’s feelings about shows.
• Seek out movies and TV shows that promote empathy.

Social Media, Apps, Games, and Websites:

• Look for games and apps that switch among characters’ perspectives.
• Choose games and apps that rely on and reward collaboration among players.
• Start teaching positive online communication as soon as your kids start using the internet.
• Encourage kids to find positive online environments that are warm and welcoming.
• Ask kids how they would feel if they were cyberbullied.
• Encourage your kid to stand up for people who are victimized online.
• Train kids to think through the impact their posts might have on others.
• Join in hashtag campaigns that support people

My Digital Goal for 2017 will be to strengthen my digital parenting teachings with an emphasis on empathy!

Lynn Benson, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Busy Moms” has an extensive background working in the early childhood education field and social work.

Alana Dikota-1

Alana, 14 yrs. old


My Digital Goal is to start keeping my Google Drive for school better organized. I have SO many documents for school, and it would be very helpful to know where everything is! I didn’t even know I could do this until my 8th grade English teacher suggested this to us.

You have to create folders for all your classes, and then drag the documents in! It’s easy and very helpful to find stuff easier, especially in rushed periods of time!

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7 Apps to Organize Even the Most Active Family

Kid With Clutter

Brought to you by my friends at – here is my blog about some great organizing apps.

When I meet with an overwhelmed parent for their first coaching session, I can see a look in their eyes and translate, “Please give me a weekend, a day – even just a few hours – of peace without the chaos.” I understand. I want to magically create more time for them. I would like to do this for you too. It is my belief that the best way to get more quality time back, is by planning and organizing first. The tasks, then, becomes so much easier and they take far less time to complete. Take a look at these seven organizing apps to see which might work for you.


This app is perfect for families. You can create lists for day trips, weekend get-a-ways, vacations, family reunions, road & RV trips, camping, skiing, cruising, international travel, business trips, etc. Use the included sample lists, or use the expert list-making tool to automatically customize your own list based on the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as temperature, destination, food prep & clothes washing preferences. Search or pick from over 800 items in the huge, built-in master catalog. You can also automatically sync all of your lists, catalog & settings between all of your iOS devices, and share your packing lists & catalog content with family, friends and fellow travelers via email (import/export), iTunes’ File Sharing, AirDrop and Dropbox/Box/iCloud Drive (iOS 8+).


Our inboxes can give us a feeling of being “out of control” no matter where we are. Streamlining your inbox has been made easy. Unroll.Me scans your inbox to find how many subscriptions you have, then gives you the option to either unsubscribe or consolidate them into a daily digest called a “Rollup” – in one swipe.


If you’re stuck in the paper muck and you need a rescue helicopter to pull you out, try PaperKarma. It lets you take photos of the unwanted snail mail you want to stop receiving. Just snap a photo, and you’re done. They automatically contact the Mailer and remove you from their distribution list. PaperKarma can stop most unwanted mail that is addressed directly to you.


As a family unit we can spend hours each week looking for missing items. It can be aggravating and frustrating and the time lost can be crucial. If you are tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone, you can attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item – then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing item around the home or be notified before leaving things behind. For example, if your child loses her house key, you can press the button on your TrackR device to ring the lost key. It also has a distance indicator which tells you whether you are getting “hotter or colder” in terms of your distance from the lost item. TrackR has an app for both iPhone and your Android smartphone.


In an effort to keep your shopping efficient, your budget on track and even manage supermarket coupons, you may want to consider Grocery IQ. You can type, speak, or scan grocery list items into your list. The list automatically adds your items into categories and then alerts you if coupons are available for any items you might be adding to your list. Coupons can then be sent to your email when your list has been made or (if you have a wireless enabled printer) can be sent to your printer for printing. As you gather your items from your list, simply check it off and the item moves to the bottom of the list. Once your whole list is complete, everything is shifted towards the bottom and then can simply be clicked to add those repeat items back on the list for your next visit. GroceryIQ can sync your list from your iPad to your iPhone so you can use whichever device you have handy – making it easy to add items whenever you need them.


Most of my clients have at least one procrastinator in the family and this app may help. Setting a timer to get tasks done around the house works remarkably well. The idea behind this time management app is very basic: you work for thirty minutes and focus on a single project or task. When your time is up, you are rewarded with a break and can do something completely unrelated, also for thirty minutes. This cycle of 30 minutes focused and 30 minutes of reward is repeated until your tasks are done.
Type in what your ideal day will look like including carving out times for a little fun or quiet time like meditating, calling your sister, enjoying a cup of tea, or watching the Olympics. Then from a more productive aspect, set up what the rest of your day will look like and use the 30/30 app to forecast if you are going to all of this done in the predesigned time. It provides a countdown and a visual reminder of what you are working on and beeps when your time is done. (Free. Available for the iPad or iPhone.)


There’s nothing stationary about your life, so why depend on a family calendar that hangs on a fridge or wall? This website allows you to create a free account that comes with a calendar, organizational list capabilities, a journal and has additional features like a meal planner and recipe box. Cozi Family Organizer and Cozi Family Organizer Premium are the apps that accompany the website. The original organizer is free and allows you to manage the basics of your web account while on the go. The premium version will come at a higher cost but has more bells and whistles. No matter where or how your family signs in to Cozi, you’ll always be looking at the same information. The whole family shares one account that everyone can access using their own email address (as specified in Settings) and the shared family password.

Just remember, no matter which app you select in order to stay organized, it is almost always the planning part of your day or event (not necessarily the execution of the day or event) that eliminates the chaos and creates the and the peace which you are seeking.

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7 Must-Have Home Organization Tools

From budget-friendly to super-splurge, these items get the seal of approval from expert Dorothy The Organizer.

Folks often ask my opinion about the best organizing products. The dealbreaker is whether they are items people will actually use. The last thing you want is to spend money and wind up with more clutter.

If you’re going to make the splurge (whether a small or large investment), think about whether the product will actually make it easier to access your belongings, and whether you’re likely to use the item over the long term.

With those qualifications in mind, here are some of my personal favorite organizing tools.

Matching hangers

No matter the cost, investing in matching hangers can give you instant gratification. They turn a hodge podge closet turns into a sleek, uniform hanging system.

Lose the wire hangers, and pick one color (and brand) to stage your wardrobe quickly in a clean and visually appealing way.

Courtesy of The Container Store.

Decorative drop zone

We all need a place to drop our keys, phone, wallet, credit card, necklace, or glasses when we walk in the door.

My advice? Select a lovely decorative bowl or plate — but pick a small or medium-sized one so it doesn’t overwhelm your entryway.

The point is to see something when you walk in the door that is beautiful and can double time as an organizing tool.

Hooks that attach to hinges

These clever hinges take advantage of unused space behind the door. While this secret storage idea doesn’t require investing much time or money, it’s a great little space-saving tool that most doors can accommodate.

Installation is easy. Just pop the door hinge pin and drop the hook in. These hooks swivel for easy access in the bathroom (for towels), in the bedroom (for robes or belts), or in the office (for earphones with cords).

Hinge It Towel Hook, Household Essentials, $5.

Slide-out cookware storage

If you’re tired of heaving pots and pans out of the lower kitchen cabinet, here’s a splurge that will bring a gleam to your eye.

Consider installing a pull-out cabinet cookware organizer, designed to fit any standard-depth base cabinet. The organizer is fully adjustable, has removable hooks, and accommodates different shapes and sizes of cookware.

By extending the organizer outward you will avoid having to bend, stretch or struggle to access cookware.

Glideware Cookware Organizer, Amazon, $316

Gift wrap organizer

In minutes, you can eliminate the rolls of wrapping paper sliding around the floor of your hall closet, and keep scissors, tape, ribbon, bows and bags at your fingertips. No more going from room to room hunting for supplies!

Several gift wrap organizers on the market are easy to store and carry, and quick to use. Just grab the case from under the bed or garage, take it to the dining room table, unzip and wrap.

Under-the-stairs storage

While many homes have a door with access to unused area under the stairs, it is often the most misused space in the home.

Why? Because the area is often poorly lit, and you can’t stand up easily in the space.

It should be much easier for us to retrieve our stored items. Slide-out drawers and cabinets bring our stuff directly to us in the well-lit, easy-to-stand-in hallway — plus it’s effortless to see all at once what you’ve got stored.

Courtesy of Ben Herzog Architect.

Cord control

You might be thinking that these twisty organizing cables could double as a hair accessory, but the truth is these colorful ties can organize cords for consumer electronics, home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, computer systems, power tools, extension cords, holiday lights, and more.

Flex and twist the ties to contain your cords, and simply unwind to release. They are reusable for repeated use.

While these cord organizers won’t break the bank, they can break the frustration we experience from having a drawer full of devices tangled in cords.

Flexi Ties, Staples, $6.


Want more tips like this? Watch home organization videos featuring Dorothy The Organizer.

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Seinfeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs

Seifeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs

By DorothyTheOrganizer

June 14, 2016

Seinfeld episode #76, Season 12: At a movie theater’s restroom, Elaine, realizing she does not have any toilet paper left and asks the woman in the next stall if she has any toilet paper to spare, but the woman refuses, claiming that she “can’t spare a square.” Elaine pleads with the woman, but she leaves, ignoring Elaine.

Well, I’m pleased to say that you no longer need to worry about sparing a square – because can spare more than a square. They have you covered – whether it’s your extra toilet paper, winter ski equipment, or the entire contents of your house while you remodel, you can simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your zipcode
  3. Find and compare storage options of all kinds – all in one place

National Moving Day occurred the day after Memorial Day and kicked off a summer season filled with boxes, packing tape, moving trucks and complete overwhelm. Moving companies, storage unit facilities and professional organizer’s like myself are slammed.  And while you may not be one of the 40 million Americans who are moving this summer, you may know someone who is or you may be been enlisted to help someone do it.

According to SpareFoot’s Storage and Moving Study, the majority of people keep an item out of guilt – with gifts and heirlooms ranking highest. What is your most guilt-inducing collectible? Many folks feel that moving is the best opportunity to declutter their homes. While the opportunity to declutter is good, the timing may not be. There is a huge difference between:

  1. Packing and moving and
  2. Beciding what to keep or not while packing and moving.

Adding in the decision-making step around what to keep or not can add hours and even weeks to your packing and moving project

If you have a bit of time before your move and you want to eliminate clutter rather than taking it with you, sort into these categories: Keep, Give Away, Throw Away. Always do the sorting first and then later do the packing. In order to wade through the emotional clutter around your stuff, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Is it broken and am I the type of person who will repair it? If no, let it go.
  • What’s the story behind this dress, tool, set of dishes? Love it? Keep it. Holding on to it out of guilt or obligation? That just me keep you stuck and resentful. If so, let it go.
  • Can I use it or display it (yes, keep it) or will it remained boxed unseen, unused? (Perhaps let go).
  • Does this collection or piece of furniture, clothing, painting, support my values and goals right now or in the very near future? If no, let it go.
  • Does this item support my identity or how I want to represent myself to the world right now? If no, let it go.
  • Do you really believe your kids may want what you have? If no, let it go.

If you have no time left and you must move now, remember this is a move (not a time to declutter). If you are down to the wire on time, you will need to focus on the packing and moving only (not the decluttering) and shift your decision making to the other end of the move. If you can swing it, snag a storage unit for the interim (emphasize “INTERIM”) – you can find great pricing through

zzz sparefootYou can use to book Full-Service Storage, which will allow you to review those items in a sane and less pressured way. Full-Service Storage provides expert loaders who pick up your boxes and take them to a modern facility for storage. Everything is returned to you at your request without any lifting or lugging on your part.

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There was a time when it really was all about the boats, cars, and vacations. Nope, change that – it might be more like: They who have the most interesting digital life wins!

Times are changing and if you listen closely, people no longer brag about their material possessions as much as they talk about their newest digital watch, travel App, or the number of views received on their just released YouTube cat video.

We at Digital LifeCloud call this “Digital Bragging Rights.” We are curious, what is digitally significant in your life right now? The good news? We have the power to capture all of it. Take a moment to learn what moms, dads, kids, and geeks are talking about when it comes to their “digital brags!” Enjoy.

Futuristic Phone 2

We at Digital LifeCloud call this “Digital Bragging Rights.” We are curious, what is digitally significant in your life right now? The good news? We have the power to capture all of it. Take a moment to learn what moms, dads, kids, and geeks are talking about when it comes to their “digital brags!” Enjoy.



With Father’s Day around the corner we face the fact that the “really cool” things in a man’s world today are digital!

For thousands of years a man’s “macho” quotient was directly related to what he was wearing on his belt. He who had the strongest club … shinest sword… sharpest knife … fastest six shooter on his hip was ¡más macho!


Life was simplier in the good old days as everyone knew what you could do with those macho “badges of honor”. In today’s digital world, the macho “gadgets” that a man wears or displays on his hip are cool to look at but it is not always apparent “what” you can do with them.

My advice is twofold. First “learn” what your new toy can do (yes, read the manual) and second, agressively demonstrate to your buddies your digital prowess. By that, I mean, flex your new found ability to “show off” your digital bragging rights anytime, anywhere. 24/7.

A good friend of mine just received a prestigious award from his community. I was interested to learn more and he pulled it up on his tablet so I could read it. Talk about bragging rights! He even has some pictures of the award ceremony. Much more “macho” than just telling me about it. Gotta love the digital world!

So when you have a chance, setup a link to your Digital LifeCloud account on all your gadgets and you too can “one up” the other guy when sharing your “digital bragging rights”. This will not only blow away your buddies but prove once and for all that you are absolutely más macho.

Bob Hammer is a “road warrior” in his professional life. All too often, his job requires him to remotely run his personal/family life. Bob has been an avid user of Digital LifeCloud for over 8 years.

Debby Facebook pic

Debby Bitticks, Intergenerational Expert/Author


Plan a get together with family and simply share the year you were born and where technology was at that time of your childhood, teen years, adult life, etc. and how it has affected you. AND of course show and share the technology you use TODAY!


When great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren do this, the conversations make you laugh, share knowledge of history, inventions, the power of creativity, the courage and tenacity of people who invent, and what it means to our society and the world.

Also, when our young children share and brag about all the really cool digital toys, the communication with it may amaze you! Your being interested brings you closer and builds the opportunity to communicate in their arena. They live in a world we never could have imagined.

Phone 8

Finding pictures of what previous generations had and tracing their lineage is also fascinating, These activities make any birthday, Sunday afternoon, dinner, etc. a joy for EVERYONE.

Debby Bitticks is a nationally recognized award-winning author and
Inter-generational expert, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, and QVC, and wrote and hosted a PBS TV special.



Essential Ingredients for Your Kids’ Digital World as They Engage in “Bragging Rights.”

1. DIVERSIFY! – My girls know that word quite well in our household. The time spent on technology is a battle most parents face. An approach that is effective for many is to impart the importance of integrating a balance, such as, spending time outdoors being active or engaging in music.

2. USE TECHNOLOGY AS AN INCENTIVE – When allowing our kids “windows” of technology time, it’s very useful to use it as an incentive to complete other tasks and activities, such as, allowing them tech time once they’ve completed homework, chores, outside time, or practicing piano.

3. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP – In a nutshell, we MUST teach our kids how to engage in their digital world responsibly. In addition to teaching them guidelines, communication is key. Our kids will undoubtedly come across inappropriate comments and potential concerning images. Fostering an open dialogue so our kids feel comfortable and safe to discuss this is essential.

4. CREATE CLEAR RULES WITH CELL PHONES – Many experts support parents who explain to their kids that the cell phones belong to the parents and the kids get to use them (as long as they’re using them responsibly)! Also, communicate clear rules. Address questions, such as, “Are cell phones allowed at the dinner table? Are cell phone allowed in their bedrooms when going to bed? Do games and apps need to be approved by you as parents before downloading them?”

5. NEED HELP NAVIGATING YOUR KID’S DIGITAL WORLD? is a fantastic site which can help parents navigate this tricky aspect of parenting.

Lynn Benson, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Busy Moms” has an extensive background working in the early childhood education field and social work.



Hello! My name is Jenna and I’m excited to share my opinions with you about the cool things about technology.

Most of what I have access to today didn’t exist 20 years ago. I can produce songs, movies and video games all on my phone … which is amazing. The problem is some people don’t use this stuff responsibly.

We all have to work hard on keeping the internet safe.

I would like to share my tips on using technology and the internet safely which are:
1. Remember, everything you post will exist on the internet FOREVER. Think about what you’re writing before you post it!
2. If you are a kid being cyber bullied, tell a parent or an adult.
3. When playing on sites like Minecraft, never give out your real name, where you live, or any personal information.

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MOVING TO LOS ANGELES? and DorothyTheOrganizer can help

My friends at want to help you if you are thinking of Moving to Los Angeles (or Dallas, Houston, Vegas, San Diego, or Seattle)! Here are their links to various cities and a ton of info below for those of you considering LA.

Popular opinions about Los Angeles are often contradictory. On the one hand, the city is heralded as a utopia of perpetual sunshine, Hollywood dreams, and free-thinking creativity. On the other hand, LA gets a bad rap as a dystopia of fake people, miserable traffic and unpredictable earthquakes. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between. In a city this sprawling and diverse, you can truly create your own reality.

Los Angeles City Essential Resources

Los Angeles Essentials City of Los Angeles website Everything you need…

Moving to Los Angeles Checklist

Use our easy-to-follow moving checklist to get everything taken care…


Brace yourself as you begin to look for housing. By some measures, Los Angeles is now the least affordable housing market in America. As both rents and home prices have climbed at a faster pace than salaries in recent years, Angelenos now devote a greater percentage of their paycheck to housing than anywhere else in the country. On the bright side, LA’s patchwork of eclectic neighborhoods offers something for everyone. Read our guide to top Los Angeles neighborhoods, then consult our list of best LA realtors to help make your search easy.


The bad traffic in Los Angeles is legendary. In 2014, Los Angeles ranked second among major U.S. cities in number of hours drivers spend in traffic per year, clocking in at 80 hours per commuter. Some relief is on the way; the Metro Expo Line, which is scheduled for completion in early 2016, will connect Santa Monica and the Westside to Downtown via light rail.


LA’s sunny Mediterranean climate can’t be beat. Temperatures tend toward warm and mild year-round, and the city averages 284 sunny days per year. The only downside is that with a meager 26 days of precipitation per year on average, there’s often not enough rain to mitigate the enduring drought. On the other hand, El Niño conditions can make for wetter-than-normal winters. Also keep in mind that LA has numerous “microclimates”–it can often be foggy and cool at the beach (especially during May and June) while inland areas can be up to 20 degrees warmer.

Average temperature in August (warmest month): 84°F high, 64°F low
Average temperature in December (coldest month): 68°F high, 47°F low


In 2013, Los Angeles became the first county in the nation to reach 10 million people, making it one of the largest economic entities in the U.S. According to, Los Angeles is the biggest manufacturing center in the West, one of the world’s busiest ports, a major financial center, and the largest retail market in the country.

In addition to the entertainment industry, whose presence in the city is strongly felt, Los Angeles is also a world leader in aerospace, fashion, and healthcare. Silicon Beach, a critical mass of tech companies like Google and Snapchat clustered on the Westside, is LA’s answer to Silicon Valley.

Unemployment rate: 5.3% (as of November 2015)
Average weekly wages for all industries: $1,120 (first quarter 2015)

Moving is a major life transition, one that requires you to come to terms with how much stuff you have. It’s an opportunity to evaluate your collection of possessions and decide what is essential to bring to the next destination—and what is mere clutter. Letting go of what’s unnecessary can be challenging.

That’s where professional organizers come in. Working with a caring, expert organizer can bring peace of mind to the process. Most organizers recommend decluttering before you make the move, which reduces the labor and cost of moving. When you arrive in your new home, an organizer can also be useful to set everything up efficiently.

The organizers on this list, recommended by friends and colleagues, are frequently called upon by the media to offer expert opinions based on their work in the organizing trenches.

dorothytheorganizerDorothy The Organizer

You might recognize Dorothy Breininger from her appearances on A&E’s “Hoarders.” She carefully assesses each client’s values and uses them as the central organizing principle for creating order. In addition to traditional unpacking services for new Los Angeles arrivals, she also helps clients create organizational plans to begin wonderful lives here. Try her “Curb the Chaos” video course to purge before your move.

nonnahsNonnahs Driskill, Get Organized Already!

Serving Pasadena, Downtown, and the Northeast Los Angeles area,Nonnahs Driskill brings a regional focus to organizing. She knows exactly where in the community to take discarded items, from women’s shelters to animal shelters. Her dedicated unpacking team of four organizers can get your moving boxes emptied quickly. Team members specialize in home offices, spatial planning, organizing with kids and theKonMari Method.

dkawashimaDeborah Kawashima, Creative Organizer

Taking a family-centered approach, Deborah Kawashima helps both parents and children of all ages—from toddlers to teens—set up and maintain home organization. She recognizes that each individual has a different organizing style and creates systems that gel with each family member’s needs. As someone who moved a lot as a child, she strives to make new houses feel like home instantly.


Regina Lark Ph.D., A Clear Path

Certified to help people with chronic disorganization and other conditions,Regina Lark Ph.D. deals with the toughest organizing challenges. For those who are moving, she and her team can help with everything from delivering packing materials to hiring movers to completing change of address forms. New home buyers have the option of folding the cost of her decluttering and unpacking services into escrow.


Katherine Macey, Organize to Excel

Katherine Macey, Ph.D., utilizes her engineering training to create logical organizing systems and incorporate appropriate technological solutions. She’s dedicated to sustainability, so her physical and digital organizing processes are designed to minimize clients’ environmental impact. Her unpacking services help residential clients create zones of serenity amid the craziness of Los Angeles. She also provides coaching services to help clients learn organizing skills.


Julie Naylon, No Wire Hangers

Julie Naylon is notable for her green approach to organizing. After she assists clients with purging unnecessary possessions, she ensures that their items don’t end up in the landfill. Whatever you part with will be donated, sold, or recycled so that nothing is wasted. She can also help you lead a greener lifestyle by teaching you how to go paperless and conserve more.


Beth Penn, Bneato Bar

Bneato Bar‘s motto is “So much better.” Owner Beth Penn emphasizes that home organization doesn’t have to be perfect—it just has to be manageable. She and her team create straightforward organizing systems that are easy to maintain; her philosophy is to empower clients to stay organized. In addition to unpacking services, she also offers virtual organizing to help declutter your email inbox.



Cyndi Seidler, The Organizing Lady

With over 20 years of experience,Cyndi Seidler offers complete relocation services: not just packing and unpacking help, but also arrangements with movers and handymen as well as an overview of neighborhood retail stores, local services, and schools. She specializes in San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley neighborhoods. She’ll even organize your yard or garage sale.

jodie watson

Jodie Watson, Supreme Organization

The majority of Jodie Watson‘s clients are professional women juggling work, family, and more who find themselves overwhelmed by clutter. She takes a whole-life approach to not only organize the home but also to investigate the “why” behind the disorganization, with the goal of helping individuals reclaim time and harmony. Her book Purge with Passion approaches organizing from a religious perspective.

Tanya-Whitford-CPO-1Tanya Whitford, Organizing Wonders

Since home organizing can be daunting for many clients, Tanya Whitford does everything she can to make the process fun and keep her clients laughing. She takes a patient, non-judgmental approach to organizing and never pushes people to give up possessions until they’re absolutely ready to. Her one-on-one unpacking services are ideal for those who are anxious about losing control to multi-person teams.

Rachel B. Levin

Rachel B. Levin is the Los Angeles Local Expert for Travel+Leisure magazine’s online guide and the Los Angeles Editor at Clean Plates, a guide to healthy and sustainable restaurants. Her freelance writing about food, dance, performing arts, travel, and other cultural topics also appears in the Los Angeles Times, Time Out, and Narratively, among other publications.


A Masterful move? Really? Isn’t moving rated right up there with paying taxes and public speaking in terms of feeling immobilized? Relax. It’s Wisdom Wednesday here at the offices of “DorothyTheOrganizer.” You’re going to be okay – even if a move is on the horizon. If you or someone you know is planning a move – here are some tips for starting and powering through a move:

1. Start now. Avoid perfection at all costs. Just start now (and might I add – start in the kitchen). If you are packing to move, one of the more time-consuming areas of the home is the kitchen. Start with the cabinets high that are higher up and lower down or further back. Pack away those items you use rarely anyway. But where do you get the boxes you ask?

2. Sites like, and have postings where people give away boxes for free. Now if you need new boxes or museum-quality packing supplies, go to: They deliver, ship, and they have over 2000 sizes of boxes under one roof.

3. For many of you who might be making a move sometime soon, you may wish to give away, toss purge, toss lots of what’s been stored in your home, office, garage, attic and shed. If you think you might need to toss a lot and don’t have the space or budge for a “life size” dumpster like I use on the Hoarders show, try: Bagster Dumpster $29.95 AT Home Depot: The WM Bagster Dumpster in a Bag is the perfect on-demand waste removal solution for your job site or do-it-yourself project. Fill the bag with up to 3,300 lb. of debris or waste, then schedule your collection with Waste Management. The collection fee is not included. Visit or call 877.789.2247 to confirm your location is within the collection service area. Just be sure to check because not all Collection Service is available in all markets

4. Finally, to reduce the expense of the move (since most movers charge by weight), consider getting reducing books and paper. Ouch! Obviously we keep loads of records from school, past jobs, businesses we ran, taxes, paid bills, etc. If you wish to lighten your load and you don’t have time to shred those “secret documents” yourself, you might consider the “Shred It” company. Their One-Time Paper Shredding Service is best when you need to destroy large volumes of sensitive information periodically such as outdated files or old tax records. Shred-it will provide paper shredding services to you in a secure, convenient and compliant way. Whether it is just a few boxes or an entire storeroom full of confidential documents, they are happy to look after your on site paper shredding needs. Tailored to fit around your schedule and specific needs, their one-time shredding service ensures your confidential documents are destroyed securely through our secure end-to-end process.IMG_0923

Posted by: DorothyTheOrganizer | June 29, 2012

Packing Light – Organizing Tips to Travel Light

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel: The Big Secret For an Organized Vacation.  And one of my Twitter followers posed the question:  “How do I travel and pack light?”

Most of us have been there at one time or another – one more of the O-factors – “Over-packed.”  So how can you downsize your baggage?  A loaded question, perhaps, but here’s a few simple wardrobe organizing tips to get you started, together with some all important suitcase space savers. Read More…

Posted by: DorothyTheOrganizer | April 23, 2012

Organizing & Storing Seasonal Clothes

Storing clothes when the seasons change is the perfect time to purge and organize your closet, and you asked for some tips to help you.  It may sound like a simple enough task, but there are some important things to know about optimum storage, and how to avoid moths, mildew, setting stains and discoloration.

Purge & Organize Your Closet

As the season changes we usually have a pretty good idea of the items in our closet that we just haven’t worn in the previous months, now is a good time to pull them from your closet.  If you didn’t wear them this winter/summer you won’t wear them next winter/summer.  Not sure? Create one pile for questionable items – you can store these with a list and reconsider later.  Also children grow – weed out items that won’t fit next year, or were heavily worn this year.

First time doing a major closet organization? Read More…

Posted by: DorothyTheOrganizer | April 13, 2012

How Can I Get My Child, Husband, Home Office More Organized?

How can I get my children to be more organized? And what are some of the signs of hoarding in children?
How can I get my spouse to follow through and clean up after completing a chore?
How can I make my home office functional instead of a “clutter-catch-all?”

These are some of the Facebook questions you asked. Read More…

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