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Dorthory The Organizer



It’s a brand new year and many of us may be experiencing resistance to our New Year’s resolutions already. Suddenly, we begin to avoid the very thing we thought we wanted to change, organize or begin!

Why does this occur?

Human nature. We are conditioned to stay in our patterns and when confronted with changing the pattern, it causes “upset” to our routine and personal comfort (even if it is good and even it is only temporary).

I’m here to help you re-organize your patterns and would like to ask that you take a deep breath in and allow yourself to be open to some new ideas and goals. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What small (or large) goal would I like to create for myself in terms of:

• Health
• Recreation
• Relationships
• Home & Car
• Finances
• Career

Take a moment to jot down a thought or two next to each category and then (are you ready?) consider using a mobile app or your Digital LifeCloud account to fulfill on that goal. Creating a digital goal adds a twist to your intention because it inspires learning and keeps you in the game a little longer (which helps in creating a new habit)! Either try on this idea or see what the rest of our Digital LifeCloud team has for suggestions.

Good luck and here’s to a remarkable year ahead!

“Dorothy The Organizer” is America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Expert on the Emmy-nominated A&E TV series “Hoarders,” Dorothy is also the best-selling author, sought-after speaker and media personality: Today Show, Dr. Phil Show, The VIEW, The Doctors, PBS.




OK. So I have everything digital in my life … photos, driver license, tax returns, medical records, banking, investments, insurance, and even where I am to be buried (TMI – I know). So what could I have as My Digital Goal?

Believe it or not My Digital Goal is to use technology for my mind, body and spirit.

Like everyone, I am not getting younger. I have the normal challenges of weight control, exercise and keeping stress to a healthy level. And guess what … there are APPs for that AND you probably already possess the technology to access them. I know they exist but My Digital Goal for 2017 is to actually use them.

If you share my goal, here are some APPs to look into. Some are free and other cost a few dollars. If you have a smart phone, tablet, Apple Watch, FitBit, computer, or similar device, you already have access to these APPs.


For Your Mind

There are APPs that remind you to do a breathing exercise, stand up if you have been sitting too long or run you through brain training exercises (Lumosity, Peak, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer and Cognit). You also can try one or two of the numerous relaxation and meditation APPs, such as Ananda , Mindfulness, or Essence.


For Your Body

Most “smart” devices have built in health monitoring APPs that let you know how many steps you take a day (10,000 is recommended), your heart rate, standing hours, resting energy (in terms of calories), activity energy and minutes of exercise.

By just looking at these APPs a few times a day you can see how a small amount of behavior modification can translate into significant improvements in your physical health.


For Your Spirit

There are so many APPs available that can send you messages (called push notifications) that will lift your spirit and motivate you. We all need a little pick-me-up every now and again.

APPS such as Motivate, Inspirational & Motivational Quotes;Achieve Today provide your daily dose of motivation and inspirational messages.

Bob Hammer is a “road warrior” in his professional life. All too often, his job requires him to remotely run his personal/family life. Bob has been an avid user of Digital LifeCloud for over 9 years.

Debby Facebook pic

Debby Bitticks, Intergenerational Expert/Author


Happy 2017! My Digital Goal is to enjoy digital power and freedom! I am making 2017 the year that I get everything that is important to me into the cloud. I will be celebrating in 2018 that my digital world is organized with 24/7 access.

InBox fixed-1

I have a basket on my desk that contains each week’s “paper” for upload. I schedule 15 minutes each week to do this, just like I would for marketing, personal errands, grooming, and other activities. Scheduling it on my calendar means I am ALWAYS making progress.


Another Digital Goal is to be able to keep all the awesome pictures, videos and letters from my grandchildren organized in the cloud. A great example was the excitement I felt when my grandson Eli sent me his first college acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music, in addition to the music he composed as part of the application process. Instead of that special letter sitting in a pile of paper, it is already in my Digital LifeCloud account, along with his special piece he composed as part of his admission requirement. Then of course I have other files, yep – I have a file for each grandchild!

I feel empowered knowing that our family story, family history, pictures, videos, and music are living on to pass on to future generations. And yes, all in one digital place.

Medical Records-6

It’s also comforting to know I “OWN” all my medical records in ONE secure place.

Of course with the emergency information, financial and insurance, privately and securely in Digital LifeCloud, I feel even more freedom and sense of control.

Debby Bitticks is a nationally recognized award-winning author and
Inter-generational expert, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, and QVC, and wrote and hosted a PBS TV special.




Although staying organized digitally is an on-going goal of mine (which my Digital LifeCloud account has helped with enormously), for this newsletter, My Digital Goal will focus on parenting EMPATHY within our digital space.


In my day as a kid, communications were in person, over the phone or writing a note to a friend. As a parent raising a “tween” and “teen” – the digital world continues to create more complexities than ever. Kids’ brains are not equipped to handle all they have access to these days, which means we must work harder to teach. Plus, unfortunately many adults who we expect to be role models engage in reprehensible behavior which complicates this process.


EMPATHY (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) can be taught. Clearly, an adult being a positive role model is critically important. However, there are other approaches parents can take to teach empathy. As I’ve mentioned before, is a fantastic site to enhance “digital citizenship.”

Below is taken directly from which offers ideas to help expand the conversation and teachings via the digital world to promote empathy.

Movies, TV, and Books:

• Seek out books with diverse characters and backgrounds.
• Encourage kids to express their feelings after watching TV shows and movies.
• Encourage siblings to respect each other’s feelings about shows.
• Seek out movies and TV shows that promote empathy.

Social Media, Apps, Games, and Websites:

• Look for games and apps that switch among characters’ perspectives.
• Choose games and apps that rely on and reward collaboration among players.
• Start teaching positive online communication as soon as your kids start using the internet.
• Encourage kids to find positive online environments that are warm and welcoming.
• Ask kids how they would feel if they were cyberbullied.
• Encourage your kid to stand up for people who are victimized online.
• Train kids to think through the impact their posts might have on others.
• Join in hashtag campaigns that support people

My Digital Goal for 2017 will be to strengthen my digital parenting teachings with an emphasis on empathy!

Lynn Benson, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Busy Moms” has an extensive background working in the early childhood education field and social work.

Alana Dikota-1

Alana, 14 yrs. old


My Digital Goal is to start keeping my Google Drive for school better organized. I have SO many documents for school, and it would be very helpful to know where everything is! I didn’t even know I could do this until my 8th grade English teacher suggested this to us.

You have to create folders for all your classes, and then drag the documents in! It’s easy and very helpful to find stuff easier, especially in rushed periods of time!


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