I’ve used these products with my clients – I hope you find them helpful too!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Busy Moms If you don’t have enough hands, enough time in the day, or enough energy to balance everything – much less fit in a bit of “you time,” then Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Busy Moms has the realistic, doable and time-efficient tips that can transform your life. Moms who have been there will share how their quests were not focused on perfection, but on organization and ways to create the balance we all yearn for.

Saving Our Parents DVD Featuring real-life events, Saving our Parents is a startling demonstration of the potential pitfalls facing today’s aging adults. Exposing scams and the devious crooks that may have us or our parents in their cross-hairs, this compelling documentary delivers a message that will both empower and motivate.

Professionals, experts and “victims” share life-saving knowledge and inspirational insights with candor, their heartfelt message guiding us, our parents and our loved ones safely into the golden years.

Cherished Memories Binder

A unique all-in-one photograph, memorabilia and life story interview organizer. Click here to learn what happened when I gave Cherished Memories to my Mom! Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life.

Our Life’s Essential Information as seen on Public Television! A DVD that takes you through all the steps to get all your life’s essential information – medical, legal, personal and financial – organized! Shred what you don’t need, scan or file what you do, and be ready for almost any emergency in your home or life.

Organize all your medical, legal, financial and personal information in one simple easy-to-access binder system. The Senior Organizer is for anyone who wants to organize important paperwork. Have all your vital information at your fingertips.

Conceal a Bookself is an ingenious organizing product for any room but really great for smaller spaces! It appears to defy gravity so that a stack of books “float” on the wall while the shelf itself becomes invisible behind them.  Holds up to 14 lbs by using a hardcover book as a base upon which to stack other books.

Time Timer makes time management is made easy with this simple visual timer that constantly reinforces the sense of elapsed time in order to promote better time management. When you need to manage your time or teach the concept of time, this easy to use tool is perfect!

A unique gift – the world’s first Skinny Magnetic Bulletin Board A great student dorm, office or kitchen space accessory – perfect for posters, photos, notes, holiday cards, artwork and much more!  Add a magnetic surface to non-magnetic stainless steel fridges, or any bare wall that could use some sprucing up.

As seen in Better Homes & Gardens, you’ll love how these  Garment Organizers help you gain full visibility of your wardrobes  so that you can sort, put away, and find clothes easily!

Do NOT Forget Door Hangers are the best way to make Grocery and TODO’s lists! I can’t tell you how many times I have left lists on my kitchen counter or bedside table.   Make your grocery or TODO list, hang it on the front door as soon as you’re done or before you go to bed and you’ll never forget your list again!

With the Door Knob Organizeryou will never hunt for your keys or garage clicker again! It makes it nearly impossible to forget anything as it puts your outgoing mail in a slot in the back and stows other items in three pockets on front. A spring clip keeps your keys handy, as well. (Available in different colors)

This Nursery Storage Set is a great Baby Shower Gift or just for better space organization in an existing nursery! Each kit includes: 1 Hanging Organizer, 6 shelves, 3 Storage Drawers,  2 Lidded Storage Boxes, 30 Slim Velvet Hangers, 12 Closet Divider Rings & 5 sticker sheets to separate baby’s clothing by category.

Travel MUST HAVE!! As you know I travel a lot and I use this Mini USB Lamp all the time when I don’t have quite enough light to see my key board.  It’s a simple, cheap, tool that’s just perfect to make working while I’m traveling a little easier.

Black & Decker Paper Shredder & Message Center streamlines paper storage by eliminating it in the moment! Stand or Wall Mounted with a jam proof mechanism and message center.  Can be used in any room, mounted to create more floor space and includes magnetic white board and mesh pocket.

Shower Caddy Octopus – In arm’s reach!  We all have the same ugly shower caddy, right? The kind that rusts all over the place, or has suction cups that stick for three minutes, tops? Here’s the solution to a disheveled shower: the octopus. Eight grippy natural latex arms grab all your bathing necessities so they are easily accessible. Store your shampoo bottles upside down so you can squeeze out the very last drops! This cephalopod caddy makes a fun, inexpensive gift.

Finally, a way to hang-dry your knit shirts without those annoying and embarrassing shoulder bumps! The Bumps-Be-Gone-Hangers! These padded clothing hangers are made from a unique foam material that will not absorb water and prevents garments from slipping. The adjustable arms can be shaped to fit small or large shirts, while the soft, rounded design prevents unsightly “shoulder bumps”.  Swivel hooks mean you can hang them just about anywhere! Free up valuable laundry room space by eliminating the need for bulky drying racks and easy to pack for travel. Comes in a set of six in blue. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required

Pan Scratch Protectors keeps stacked cabinet items looking their best. These non-slip, flower-shaped cloth liners protect pots, pans, bowls and platters from the dings, nicks, scratches and cracks that come from repeated stacking. Extend the life of non-stick cookware.

This Solar Mail Box Light with rechargeable batteries included measures 9 inches wide by 12 inches high. Batteries are included and should last about three years under normal conditions. No wiring needed, easy installation. Slips right over your existing US Postal authorized mailbox.

No more piles of shoes by the door! This stylish Chelmsford Shoe Storage Bench will accommodate 6 to 12 pair of shoes. The bench has a padded seat in warm espresso brown cotton with a removable, washable cover. Three substantial rattan pull out drawers can be the perfect catchall or help organize your essentials such as gloves, scarves, etc. Perfect for your entryway!

• 38″ wide x 16.25″ deep x 20.5″ tall Drawers measure: 10″ wide x 14″ deep x 3.5″ tall


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