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  1. I am addicted to watching this show! I would like to know how I can get involved with volunteers to help people de-clutter their houses. I reside in Dutchess County, New York. Any suggestions?

  2. My family and I live in Colorado. My mom lives in Denver and is on the “start” of hoarding. My sister and I are going to end up having to clean things up I’m afraid. My mom has a huge garage that is full of ??? and will not let us throw anything away (part of the “stuff” is my other sister who lives in Florida) My mom’s house is getting just as bad. After my Dad died in 2000, things just went downhill from there. Any suggestions? We don’t even know where to start. I did clean out her food pantry last year and tossed over 7 big trash bags of expired food. We don’t want to wait until it’s to late for my mom!

    Concerned daughter

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    My name is Allegra, I’m from NJ and seeking help from wherever it may come. I am reaching out in regards to my mom who I love with everything in me but has a problem “collecting” things. I’ve only recently become concerned when I stayed the night at my parents home and really took a look around and noticed that she stores everything even bits of nothing and finds value in mostly all of it but has yet to do away with what isn’t needed. She hired one of my friends to paint and when we had to move things around we noticed more boxes, books, souvenirs, and other things that have been here since my grandparents purchased this house back in ’87… This is a bigger problem than I thought. She also knows and admits that some of these things need to be thrown away or donated if in good condition but hasn’t made an attempt and won’t allow me to get rid of things. Please, please, please help me in the right direction to fixing this with my mom

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